Spectar 3.0 is an end-to-end Multiscreen service delivery platform that enables Video content management, publishing and monetization on multiple platforms and devices.

It is feature rich and easy to use, allowing service and content providers the ability to offer IPTV, OTT, Web TV or Mobile TV services more quickly with less effort than competing products while lowering the total cost of ownership through operational efficiencies and hardware choice.

Spectar 3.0 offers the complete range of digital content service delivery functionality through an integrated virtual platform. It is up to you to exploit the modules and API's of the platform and to build requirements-based services, which can be delivered directly through the Internet or Managed network. The entire platform management activity is achieved through a user-friendly web browser interface.
We listen to our customers and incorporate their ideas to enhance usability and to achieve technologically leading platform.
A Visionary Architecture
The flexible architecture of Spectar 3.0 offers capabilities, which are completely new.
Spectar 3.0 runs as virtual platform and is thus completely independent from any underlying server or streaming hardware.
Spectar 3.0 is completely implemented as Service Oriented Architecture and thus consists solely of various Web services through which the Application Layer (Front-End user application) function blocks are provided.
This technologically leading architecture offers all possible options with respect to scalability, availability, security, and integration capability.

Multilevel Integration

The introduction of IPTV, OTT, Mobile TV or Web TV bears the need to integrate with other business applications and vendors, thus, to ensure business process continuity without interruption. Spectar 3.0 platform is easy to integrate within your existing environment.
Our platform provides an efficient interfacing framework through the Spectar’s API and pre-built code snippets.
This makes it possible to integrate Spectar 3.0 at any functional level.
Spectar 3.0 is integrated with Netgem DMS & STB, Edgeware’s Orbit server, Verimatrix DRM, Wowza Media Server, FFMPEG Server and so on...